Better Late Than Never

Blues Palace log…


What day is this!

Just yesterday it was …….

Holy Maloney.

I am seriously amiss as I haven’t updated my blog since, well, never mind.

Summer is over. Four 100 + degree days, 30+ ninety degree days. I felt very warm. Firewood is in and stacked. Lots of beer into the fridge.

Peruvian neighbors loudly celebrating world cup Peruvian wins  (at 7am).

A lot of new blues music.

Really good blue music.

Here are three of my favorites.


First, we have a hottie from the Detroit area with tons of very musical friends.

Ya think I will to need to apologize for calling her a hottie?

Lots of things have changed recently.

Sorry, I digress.

This young woman is named Eliza Neals.

Her newest release is titled “10,000 Feet Below”.

It just grabbed me by my dangly things and gave em’ a good shake.

The first track “Cleotus” features a rare slide duet, a finger-snapping rhythm section and sensual vocals from Ms. Neals and an unknown back-up singer.

I just found that there is a video of this tune on

Next up is a heartfelt balled titled “Another Lifetime”

Features a sultry, scratchy vocal.

This repeats over and over on this release. She even surprises with complete style changes. Rock, jazz, soul, traditional, the list goes on.

This is a very hot release and would help make any road trip… Epic.


Another oddly compelling September release is from Canada.

This guy’s name is Rob Lutes. With a unique guitar style and soulful voice, he is immediately a new fav.

When I think on his voice, it is very comfortable. Easy going and articulate.

His songwriting is also very comfortable. I caught myself listening very intently as I was enjoying the lyrics and flow of his melodies.

This is one artist that has a unique feel, a groovin’ music style and vey fun to listen to.

I would be willing to pony up my precious music budget so I can listen as part of my life.

You know, nice day, headphones on, walking on the riverfront and just groovin’ to life.

Rob Lutes release “Walk In The Dark” is a winner.

On another note, this guy can really play guitar. Just outstanding.


This next guy is a Memphis regular that features a Bobby “blue” Bland style vocal with that Memphis sound. His song writing stands out almost as much as his vocal talent.

He writes most every tune on his release ‘Rollin’ With It” and shocks the listener with solid horn arrangements, great back-bone and guitar riffs. Add in his “Bobby Blue Bland” vocal stlylings and you have a release that you will never feel remorse at buying.

I think this may be my favorite blues/soul release of this year. It is that good.

John MacNamara’s release “Rollin’ With It” is near perfect and a winner in the world of blues music. 

I’ve got lots more to review so stay tuned to this Blue Palace Blog.



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