August 20th

August 20th ,  2016


I can’t believe it! Here at has only been a day or to, and I’m updating this blog!

There are a couple good reasons for this.

One, it’s already around 100 degrees outside. It’s 2PM.

Go figure.

Reason two is a little different. I just finished listening to the new Mick Kolassa release, “Taylor Made Blues”

He is a very talented poet with a keen ear for music that flows with his poetry. I also have to give his sense of humor and outstanding acoustic guitar licks a real big thumbs up.

His first song is a tune called “Baby Faced Louise”.

It almost makes me wish I had a woman named Louise so I could give her a copy.

Any woman that’s named Louise would be extremely flattered. This is why I believe that he is a poet.

He puts beautiful phrases into flowing music that bring a warmth to your heart.

The Musicians he has on this release are a who’s who of southeastern artists that feature many Blues Foundation award winners like Victor Wainwrite and Jeff Jenson.

While I have previously written about Jeff Jenson’s unique style on guitar, I have only rarely heard anyone quite as adept at phrasing dramatic lead guitar riffs in a song.

Ya gotta love it.

Mick’s sound is a little like that outstanding bar-band in your community that every one thinks is the very best, wins all the awards but no-one outside of your area has ever heard of ’em. We have incredible blues people here in our city, they just don’t get the recognition they deserve. Mick is definitely riding in that school bus

Hence, not getting enough recognition to become really famous.

Personally. I don’t think he will make the likes of the Tonight Show even though he truly deserves the shot.

Why? No real recognition in the big picture.

Just another outstanding poet and songwriter that most people don’t know about.

A tragedy.

While I stay nice and cool near my very loud and hurricane type windy air conditioner, I know that the dishes are screaming at me and the laundry settles in the basket wearily. It is just too damn warm in the rest of the house to get anything done.

I kinda think I remember saying something very similar last Winter. Only about the cold. I’m beginning to sense a pattern here.

Oh, well. It all will get done.

I am also supposed to smoke/cook about 12 pounds of salmon this weekend.

I chose the words smoke/cook because I get tired of people answering “How do you keep it lit?”.

These are the kinda jokes we now get in this new Marijuana themed culture here in Portland

I know that all in all, it is a comparatively easy task. I even volunteered! I just didn’t know that it will be over 100 degrees when I will have to get ‘er done.

Hope all of you reading this are rested, comfortable and cool.

Good life too all.



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